The Importance Of Social Media

The Importance Of Social Media Is Greater Than Ever…

When it comes to the importance of social media, well let’s just say I really know what I’m talking about. Having grown hundreds of social media accounts for myself and clients alike, I know that there are certain methods more effective than others. Getting rid of the destructive methods is essential to ever creating a popular and strong social media account. Too many people participate in “unsocial media” this includes activity such as spamming people, repeating links over and over, not being personal enough, not evoking emotion in others and not interacting with your fans. These methods are sure ways to turn off potential fans and make others wary of you. You will be seen as unprofessional. In the world of social media your reputation is everything, you’ll be better off in the long run if you remember a couple simple steps.

Social Media Tips

Twitter Tips

  1.  A nice profile setup. This should include clean graphics, a nice header image, a profile picture with your logo or face & a friendly bio that explains who you are, or a fun joke! Include your website URL to the link space.
  2. Interacting with your followers, once you get a follower interact with them! Talk to them about their day, make a connection that will last.
  3. Be interesting, simply sharing your song or website links over and over isn’t interesting. Taking a funny picture with your dog is interesting! Find a way to blend authentic personality with your ads, this is key.
  4. Show growth, never talk about  your business or projects as if they are dead in the water, always speak life into what you do! Speak positive, share the fun, share the success.
  5. Follow like minded people or those you find interesting in general, retweet or favorite them, you never know who will return the favor!
  6. Last but not least, if you have a budget and are serious, hire a professional, you will be able to learn at a much quicker pace by watching how they maneuver your account. Twitter is an art, but you can learn it.


Instagram tips

  1.  Be good looking (no but seriously this helps, if you’re going to be putting up pics of yourself, make them as good as possible!)
  2. Like others’ pictures, engage in your niche! Remember people don’t know you exist on Instagram, make yourself known, be active!
  3. Hashtags are good, but users’ followers are better. If you sound like Nickelback, go and interact with Nickelback’s followers. This is better than interacting with the #rock hashtag so you will get you more niche fans.
  4. Post often… but not too often. There’s always an argument over how many times to post/day, there is no concrete answer, but you should try to post at least once a day. This way you don’t get forgotten.
  5. Use editing and filters, often overlooked is the idea of making an image look better. You can get Paint.Net for free and fix up your images. Or try an app like VSCO.
  6. If you have a budget you can buy shoutouts from authority accounts in your niche, or you can hire a professional to set up a campaign for you. This will cost you however, and is most done by users who want big results.

Facebook tips

  1. Set up your profile professionally, similar to the twitter rips, get a good header image, and a better profile picture.
  2. Get familiar with Facebook ads, Facebook is definitely going to be easier for those willing to invest. This is because natural reach on fan pages is not very high, even if you have many likes.
  3. Comment back when someone comments on your post, this will make your post seem more popular, and will entice Facebook’s algorithm to favor your post. More interaction = more reach.
  4. Use Facebook video, Facebook video is on fire right now, and only looking to grow further. It’s a cheap platform that can be used to get leads, build fans, and sell products.
  5. Be on Facebook often, don’t leave your page alone for weeks on end, that will hurt your reach, so remember to be active, and fun.
  6. Share viral content, a simple trick to help grow pages is sharing viral content. You can find niche related content on Youtube and upload it to your Facebook and reap the benefits.
  7. Hire a professional or teach yourself well before investing a lot into ads. You can lose a lot of money in the Facebook ads system.

Soundcloud tips

  1. Make your profile seem interesting, cool profile picture and header, just like with the other social media websites.
  2. Use good looking cover pictures on your songs, this will entice people to play your music.
  3. Follow and interact with like minded and similar sounding artists, collaborations can work wonders if you are generally unknown.
  4. Share your song into groups, the bigger the group the better, just make sure it’s relevant to your genre.
  5. Monetize your account so that you can add art to your actual sound waves on the Soundcloud player. This will help you get more plays.
  6. Get bloggers to embed your Soundcloud track into their blog, this will help you get some more listens.
  7. Pay for reposts or a professional marketer to expand your Soundcloud reach.

Youtube tips

  1. SEO optimize your videos, give them a quality title, description, tags, etc. By doing this you will ensure your video continues to generate views as time passes.
  2. Use a great screenshot, make sure the picture cover for your video is appealing. You want people to be tempted to click as soon as they see it.
  3. SEO optimize your channel, using channel keywords, and channel name. If you’re a real estate agent in San Francisco, it wouldn’t hurt to name your channel “San Francisco Realtor” if you’re a personality or brand, try to get your original brand name. If you’re rap name is “Spazz” you don’t want your Youtube name to be “SpazzIsDaBest121” no one will be able to remember the extra characters.
  4. Use Adwords to grow your views and subscribers (do more research or hire a professional first). Adwords can be difficult to use, and will cost you money, so once again be careful and don’t just rush in.
  5. Develop a posting schedule, if you can make a great video every week, then do that, if you need a month then do that. Just don’t disappear for long periods of time, you can lose subscribers, or worse interest.
  6. Perfect your craft, your videos can never be good enough, challenge yourself to get better.

Hopefully this post has shown you the importance of social media, it’s where the future is headed. Follow these tips above and I guarantee you will see better results. As long as you are focused these tips will help you grow like never before.


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